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「We all would like to have an interesting career that we can continue doing even when we have passed our retirement age and have got older.」
Jackson Lighting original industry is in Solar and Energy-saving lighting projects. We have branch office which is located in El Salvador, centralAmerica. Due to the region, when our colleague was hiking in the mountain, he met a local coffee farmer. The farmer was very hospitable and he invited our colleague to his place to have some coffee. No matter from light roasted with floral and fruity to dark roasted with nutty cocoa, all the tastes are unforgettable once you tried.Our colleague decided to bring some coffee back to Taiwan to share with friends. We all expect to keep discovering the good quality coffee beans around central South America, and also hope under good quality control by our team members, we start to import and being able to share with more coffee loversin Taiwan!

Thanks to our certificated coffee cuppers and roasters both in Taiwan and El Salvador who made all-out effort, Jackson Coffee starts operation in 2016. Besides continuing study and importing high-altitude coffee beans in central South America which are rarely seen in Taiwan or Asian market, we also cooperate with domestic companies to share different varieties coffee from all over the world. In addition, our experienced roaster is able to adjust the roasting levels to satisfy all customers who have different flavor demands.

Our long-term objective is to invite more coffee lovers to join Jackson coffee business. We'd like to cooperate with more local farmers, have own named estates and contractual farming system to create win-win situation. Besides, we also plan to fly whereverour partners located to visit them every year as we will never forget our initial dream "We still can do this job even we got old."
Flexible production and marketing cooperation
In addition to our small farmers will be transported fresh green beans shipped to your hand, but also according to customer demand, in the origin to FOB mode seaborne exports.
Friendship and trust of the industry partnership
Through their focus on the world 's production areas of business friends to share resources, to provide complete varieties of different regional preferences of friends, strict election varieties, custom baking services.
Food industry registration number
Fubon product insurance
20 million product liability insurance
Hygienic standard for food appliance containers
Through the SGS test
Japan imports of ear hanging filter paper
Baking beans process using industry-renowned brands
United States DIEDRICH / Netherlands GIESEN baked beans machine
Complete production history
So that each and every friend can be immersed in a completely exclusive personal boutique coffee flavor.
Jackson insisted that each cooked bean packaging, ear hanging bag product packaging on the independent production history number bar code, from our customers hands any one of the ear bag on the number bar code, dating back to the source of raw beans, batches, Baking date, detailed baking conditions, the day pressure, temperature, quality inspection record data, etc. In addition to the purpose of the coffee-loving friends can enjoy peace of mind and stability of food safety and food safety products can also be subjective in accordance with personal feelings.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Adhere to the orders are drying, the proposed flavor during the mark
We insist that when a friend receives a cooked bean, the coffee is about to enter the flavor plateau period, so each batch of orders are orders bean, drying, and clearly marked on the product label baking date and flavor plateau period Suggested tasting period.
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